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WOW. What a year!

This year has been a BIG year of changes for our family.

In June we resigned from almost 30 years of ministry with Saskatoon Youth for Christ, and in July started our new role with Oshkidee.

This picture is from the YFC banquet in October

when they took the time to honour our years of service with Saskatoon YFC. We will always feel a part of the YFC family and ministry.

We are excited about the ministry to families with Oshkidee, and really feel God has led us to this for a reason. While the camp has been operating for over 40 years, they have never had a staff position like what we have been hired for. So it has been a bit of an interesting transition time as we all try to figure out the roles and responsibilities we have. But through it all we continue to trust God’s leading and the vision to grow the ministry impact of Oshkidee. We are excited about the additions to the program weeks that are starting to come together for next year. This move was also a bold financial move for the Board, as they now have a leadership salary to pay that they didn't have before.

Right now, Alison and I are splitting one full time position, and part of this role is to raise funds, both for our own support account with Oshkidee and also for the overall ministry as a whole. These next few years will be very critical as this growth occurs. Our 5 year dream is to double the ministry impact of Oshkidee. Not only is there a real need out there to expand the ministry to help couples & families, but quite simply the camp has a lot more capacity to be used and this would help to spread the operational cost around. But we have a bit of a journey to get to that point.

As for our kids, Elliott, our youngest is 18 years old and is living with us in our condo in the city and attending U of S. Samuel, and his wife Cassidy (who just got married in January) are living in the city and Sam is attending U of S as well. Mollie, our daughter and her husband Daniel, live in Edmonton where she works with their church and Daniel has a new job in community housing. Kurt, continues to work at the Saskatoon Inn and with all this change, had to find a new place to live, with some friends in Saskatoon. We feel so blessed with our kids and how God has been guiding each of them. So we really appreciate your support of us in this dream, both in prayers and finances!

God has been good though all of this and we really feel blessed. Please continue to pray that God would continue to draw us together to Him and as a couple. We would love the opportunity to talk personally with you about the ministry of Oshkidee.