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Join the vision

We would like to share some important Oshkidee news with you!

This year the Board along with Alison and myself took a step of faith to advance the ministry of Oshkidee. For a few years the board was thinking about hiring an Executive Director to give leadership to the ministry. When I resigned from my leadership position at YFC we believe God lead us to Oshkidee with a vision to expand its ministry to couples and families.

Oshkidee has a long history of great family camp ministry and there is an opportunity in the future to expand this impact. We believe God’s vision for families will greatly alter the future of many people. We believe when people come to Oshkidee, God speaks to them, and gives them new life. It was this same vision many years ago that inspired a group of people to build what we now know as camp Oshkidee.

The reality of the current situation is that the ministry of Oshkidee needs to expand, both because there is a need to help more families, but also because it isn’t financially able to operate as the status quo. This is the opportunity that the Board along with Alison and I have stepped into, by faith that God will provide.

This letter is an invitation to you to join with us in this vision.

The next few years will be critical for the future of Oshkidee. There are some significant upgrades that need to happen, like water, sewer and building updates, in order for the facility to continue to be a place for families to come and experience God. Along with this we need to expand the number of weeks of programs so we can impact more people and continue to fulfill our mission of expanding the kingdom of God.

First would you join us in prayer for this ministry. This year we are adding a couples getaway retreat, a mother daughter retreat, possibly a ‘short week’ family camp and adult fall retreat and a possible partnership to run a family deaf and hard of hearing camp.

Second would you consider partnering with us financially? This could be in the form of a one time year end donation or even better, a monthly donation that provides the camp with a solid base. For more info click here.

Please see our website for more information about this or contact us at 306-241-6112.

Third consider who you can invite to Oshkidee. Whether its family camp or couples ministry, invite them to an opportunity God may have in store for them.

thank you for your partnership with us, and may God bless your family this Christmas,

Gil & Alison & the Oshkidee Board