Sunday May 13, a fire started north and west of Waterhen Lake, and spread towards Jeanette Lake. On Monday, it was spreading towards the cabins and Bethel Gospel Camp at the south end, when it then took a turn up the East side of the lake towards Oshkidee. 

Monday evening we sent out a call for prayer.
The way the fire was moving, it could have easily consumed the camp overnight.
But God's hand of protection has clearly been on our beloved camp!

Rewind...God is in control. 

The picture here on the left is from a devotional that Rick Warren sends out, and that particular week the message seemed to be just for Oshkidee!

“Call on me in times of trouble. I will rescue you, and you will honor me” (Psalm 50:15 GW).

Monday May 14, we had learned that the fire was spreading and moving up towards Oshkidee. This was the first post we put on Facebook and sent a plea out for prayer. 

This particular post has now been seen by 24,000 people on Facebook.  One thing we have seen by all this is that there are many people who are interested in what is happening at Oshkidee.

The fires went towards Bethel and the cabins then moved up the east side of the lake.

On Saturday May 19 people were allowed to return to the south side of the lake, but then unexpectedly the fire jumped up north to Flotton Lake, and unfortunately destroyed 13 cabins there. Crews have been battling that area now all week long.

The blue circle is Oshkidee; the red circle are the burned cabins. You can see how close this is.

Views of the fire in the Flotton area, first from the part of the road by the Tawa cabin turn, then from the south end of Jeanette Lake looking north.

This is a picture of a video that made its way around Facebook.  Taken by Stephen, one of the firefighters, it shows just how close the fire came to the east side of our camp. You can see the video on Facebook here.

We are so thankful for all of the prayers and support that our people have given. This is just another thing that has caused us issues as we prepare for the camp season, but we are confident that this summer season will be amazing for all who attend.

We have a number of challenges as we prepare the facility for this summer and beyond. If you would like to partner with us in this, please consider a donation to help with our infrastructure. Simply click on the donate button and you can give online with either a one time or monthly donation. 

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