Marriage Boost is designed to strengthen marriages. Biblical principles are taught for husbands and wives to strengthen their marriage, family, and most importantly their relationship with Jesus.

Come to Camp Oshkidee in beautiful March. The forest still looks like winter but the air has a hint of spring in it. Enjoy snowshoeing in the woods, walk on the frozen lake or snuggle up in front of a wood burning fire with a book or a game. You will be treated to delicious meals and scrumptious desserts throughout the weekend. 

Registration starts at $400. 

Date: March 3-5, 2023

Guest Speaker: Brent and Céleste Trickett

NOTE: When you register you have an option to pay a bit more for the lodge accommodations. The upstairs rooms (200's) have a bathroom with shower.  The downstairs (100's) have a sink/toilet. 
You can see pictures of our rooms here.



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Brent and Céleste live in Saskatoon with their four children who have turned their home into a small zoo. They have been married since 2000. They both serve with FamilyLife Canada speaking at Weekend Getaways, mentoring other couples and helping churches develop thriving marriage ministries.

"When we registered for the marriage boost, we were nervous and didn't really know what to expect. We knew we needed help in certain areas of our marriage, so we figured we'd give marriage boost a try.
Upon arrival we were greeted by a smiling and welcoming staff. The guest speaker was amazing . God knew exactly what we needed and the information and the tools we needed to get back on track were provided.
We still have and always will have bumps along the way but marriage boost has given us the tools to use to work on those bumps. I think we both left the weekend a few pounds heavier from all the amazing food and very blessed from everything we learned. We have attended 3 years in a row and can't wait for #4.
We tend to invest time in our homes, vehicles and extra curricular activities, why not invest time in something more important than all of these things - our marriage."

-  Marriage Boost couple


6:00pm. Supper

Welcome/Session 1
8:30pm. Night Lunch


8-8:45am. Breakfast

10:00am. Clean up 
10:30am. Session 5
12:30pm. Lunch

8-8:45am. Breakfast
9:00am. Session 2
Coffee break
11:00am. Session 3
12:30pm. Lunch
Free time
5:00pm. Session 4
7:00pm. Supper
Games & Visiting
Evening Snack