The Lodge Project

For over 40 years Oshkidee has been place where families have come for fun, encouragement and spiritual enrichment. Looking back, there is a rich history here.

Looking ahead, we stand at a cross-road of sorts.
We need to decide - how will we move forward?

For a few years the Lodge has been in need of updating. Floors are old and tired, the kitchen needs refreshing, the building is showing its age.

Then, it happened. Our boilers stopped working and our monitoring system failed, both at the same time.

This caused the Lodge to freeze solid.

And here we are at the crossroads. 

Do we simply look back and remember our past, or do we take the steps needed to look ahead to the dream and plan for what's in store?

The Big Freeze

In January for some reason our boiler heaters failed, and at the same time our remote monitoring system also failed to contact us when the heat failed. The result of this is that our lodge had a serious freeze up, with which we lost our water treatment system, many cracked pipes and toilets and repairs to our heating system which we are still trying to determine the extent of the damage.

PHASE 1 - Repair

Water Treatment - $7,000

Toilets                     - $3,000

General Repairs    - $3,000

Heating System     ??

The Plan:

As we look ahead we believe we need to make repairs with the future in mind. The Lodge has needed to be updated to better suit the needs of the Family Camps, the Retreats, and the Lease Groups and we feel this is the time to move forward with that.

First, we will need to make the repairs to make the Lodge functional for the summer season. Then, we need to do renovations that will allow for better use of the Lodge for years to come.  This will involve new, quieter flooring, remodelling the kitchen area and installing a fireplace on the east end of both floors.  Not only will they help create a warmer, more comfortable lounge area, but they will also be an emergency heat source to help prevent freeze up situations in the future.

The end result will be a facility that will better suit the needs of all of our user groups.


PHASE 2 - Renovate

Top Level Flooring           - $12,000

Bottom Level Flooring    - $ 9,000

Kitchen                               - $4,000

Fireplaces                           - $4,000

Furniture                            - $3,000

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