Lodge Kitchen Renovation 2020

The Lodge was built in the mid 1980's and has served the camp well, but the interior is showing it's wear & tear. 
The big issue is the condition of the floor, but also over the years leaks have cause damage in a few areas. The old suspended ceiling needs replacing, the bathroom updating, and new flooring installed throughout.
We are taking the opportunity to include a few new things in the kitchen, including a coffee bar, mop room with sink, ice maker and a few design things to enhance the area.

As it is with any renovation project the work increased. We found there has been more work to level the floor. It is now level and without squeaks!  Additionally we are planning on putting in new appliances in this area, which comes at an additional cost for which we need to raise $7,000.
If you are able to partner with us in this project it is needed and appreciated. 

Almost finished!

Taking it apart and levelling the floor:

Reconstruction Process:

The new kitchen is almost complete and will be a great space for years to come. 
We need to finish the range hood area and are seeking partners to help fund this.
We also need to get a new commercial fridge as the old one leaks on occasion. 
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