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Oshkidee is all about family, and we'd like you to meet ours!

From left to right, is our youngest, Elliott who is 20 years old and is living with us in our condo in the city and attending U of S.   Mollie, our daughter and her husband Daniel, live in Edmonton where she works with their church and Daniel just started his new job in community housing.   Samuel, and his wife Cassidy (their wedding picture) are living in the city and is attending U of S as well. Gil is the old guy in the photo and no, that's not another daughter beside him, that's Alison. And on the far right is our oldest, Kurt, who works at the Saskatoon Inn.

We are particularly excited to help expand the ministry impact of Oshkidee, and are looking for people who would like to partner with us in this family ministry. If you would like to partner with us by donating to the ministry,

please go the the Donation page where you will find info on how to send in your support.

Please contact us for more info; we would love to meet with you and tell you more about the Oshkidee ministry.