Proverbs 9:10

With a focus on growing the godly woman within your girl (ages 10-18), this retreat aims to help mothers & daughters navigate the challenges and joys of life from a Christ centered perspective.


On top of the main sessions, there will also be some break-out sessions, great food, fun activities and down times to connect with one another. 

Topics will range from how to approach: the internet, dating, the changing body, beauty & modesty, parent/child relations, etc.


Dates are November 1-3, 2019


Cost: $375 +tax per mother-daughter pair. 

Each additional daughter is $80.  This is the base cost for the cabins; Lodge rates are slightly higher.

What’s included: meals, snacks, accommodations, craft supplies, tons of fun.

What to bring: bedding (incl. pillow), bath towel, toiletries, etc



My mom and I have always been close. She has a keychain in her car that says “Mom’s Taxi” and that very accurately explains our time together. My mom has always been someone I can talk to about anything and she has a special touch when it comes to making people feel loved and extra special. As I am entering into my adulthood, I have loved this new phase in our relationship where I’m independent but I can ask her for advice or we can just have fun together. My mom and I like to dream together, create goals and brainstorm new ideas. I love thinking through possible ideas, and my mom is excellent at implementing them- we make a good team. We also unintentional match outfits all the time- it’s still undecided who’s copying who😊

Main Speaker:  Jodi Enns

I have attended Camp Oshkidee with my family for the past 12 summers and it has been a transformational place for me. Oshkidee is a place where you eat amazing food, swim through crystal blue water, are able to connect with incredible community, and grow in your relationship with Jesus. I have also been a cook for parts of two summers and I have a whole new appreciation for all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make Oshkidee so great.
I played volleyball throughout my years at Columbia Bible College and still love playing recreationally now. I’m creative in nature and so I love painting watercolour or making macramé wall hangings and plant hangings. I also love cooking and trying new meals- my favourite meal is a peanut stir fry. I’m an avid learner and love to read or dive into new topics or podcasts.
I have a Biblical Studies Degree and a Diploma in Caregiving and Counselling from Columbia Bible College. I have been on staff as Children’s Ministry Director at the Attridge site of Forest Grove Community Church since July 2018.

OUR THEME - Fully Known, Fully Loved


Who am I? How does knowing Jesus change the way I know myself? How does knowing Jesus change how I relate to others? Practically, how does my identity impact my daily life as a daughter or as a mother?

We will wrestle with some of these questions together and explore how being fully known for who we are can radically change the way we feel loved and the ability we have to love others.