Proverbs 9:10

With a focus on growing the godly woman within your girl (ages 10-18), this retreat aims to help mothers & daughters navigate the challenges and joys of life from a Christ centered perspective.


On top of the main sessions, there will also be some break-out sessions, great food, fun activities and down times to connect with one another. 

Topics will range from how to approach: the internet, dating, the changing body, beauty & modesty, parent/child relations, etc.


October 14-16, 2022.

Guest presenter:

Carrie Klassen

Cost: $375 +tax per mother-daughter pair. 

Each additional daughter is $80.  This is the base cost for the cabins; Lodge rates are slightly higher.

What’s included: meals, snacks, accommodations, craft supplies, tons of fun.

What to bring: bedding (incl. pillow), bath towel, toiletries, etc



Carrie Klassen, guest presenter:

Carrie was born and raised in southern Saskatchewan. She and her husband Curtis, have been married for 20 years and have three children ages 14, 12 & 11.  They have been in full time, pastoral ministry for a total of 12 years, the last 4 and a half years being in Meadow Lake, Sk. 

Carrie enjoys her roles at work as both the Wellness Coordinator and Educational Assistant in the school that her children attend.

Carrie is passionate about facing cultural demands with a God focused approach to parenting and family relationships.


In a world where women are constantly pressured to sexualize themselves, Carrie's heart's desire for young girls is that:

-they will raise their head in confidence, yet lower it with humility before the Lord.

-strive to be life long learners, continually growing in their knowledge and understanding of Him

-find success in growing a Godly character, using their influence to point others to God 

-understanding that their true identity lies in Christ, and Christ alone

-not be naive to the evil in the world, yet choose the straight and narrow path

-that we, as mothers, will grow alongside our daughters in love, humility, grace, kindness and compassion as we navigate the teenage years together. Growing closer to each other as we grow our individual relationships with Christ.