​Thank you for your interest in attending Family Camp @ Oshkidee.

This year our registration process will involve 2 separate steps:

1. Application (opens May 14 at 7 p.m.)
Submit your application by filling out the form linked below. You should receive an email confirming your application within 10 minutes of submitting it.

2. Confirmation
We will be sorting out all the initial camp applications after May 21; we will then be informing you of the week that you have been accepted into. We will be sending invoices for your camp week in June; please pay this invoice within 48 hours to ensure your spot at camp is held.

Registration Notes:
- We will do our best to fill your first preference of dates, but when this is not possible you may be moved to your second preference. If either week will work for you, please indicate this in your comments.
- To aid in allowing family groups into camp, if you have invited a family to join you, please include their name and we will process your applications together.

- If you have a specific room or cabin preference please indicate that on the extra info box. We will fill up the rooms on a first come, first serve basis. 

- If using a phone it's recommended to NOT use autofill.

Summer 2021 Covid Protocols & Procedures:

Our current plans are to run smaller camps for between 30-50 people.  We are putting in place these plans to make it a fun and safe summer.

  1. A good screening process to help ensure people who come to camp are healthy. This will include signing a check in form for your family and probably include temp checks, before you are allowed to leave your vehicle.

  2. Plans to follow health regulations, whatever they may look like in summer. This may include physical distancing and masks indoors.

  3. Procedures to deal with potential sickness at camp. For instance, if a member of your family displays Covid symptoms you would have to isolate your whole family and most likely leave camp. 

Obviously camps will be different than a normal summer. Since they are smaller, we are not having staff families to lead a children and youth program. However, we did receive a grant for summer jobs and we will be hiring 3 cooks, 1 caretaker and 2 program staff, who will be able to provide some program options for children and youth. (Ie. kids program during chapel and youth program in the evening).