​Thank you for your application for Family Camp. You should receive an email from  soon. If you don't please check your junk box or send us a message.

We will confirm your week of camp and you will receive an invoice from Oshkidee; a payment needs to be paid BEFORE your registration is secured.

Please take a look at or download this information sheet which we hope will answer many questions.


Family Camp Cancellation Policy:

In case of cancellation, we will refund all except for $100 admin charge. If you cancel within 4 weeks of your camp week, we will refund all except for $250, unless we are able to fill your spot, then it will remain at $100.  If you have to cancel due to health reasons, the admin charge may be waived. We will refund in full for any Covid related issues. 

Family Camp Visitor Policy:   *UNFORTUNATELY due to COVID protocols visitors ARE NOT ALLOWED this summer.

Everyone who attends family camp with you needs to be registered prior to camp starting.

Guests of registered campers are welcome to visit under the following provisions:

1. It is confirmed that there is available space and they have gained the permission of the Executive Director prior to the start of the camp week, so proper preparations can be made. 

2. The campers introduce the guests to the Director when they arrive and sign the hold harmless agreement document before they may proceed

3. Guests will only be allowed to stay one night, in the same accommodations as the campers, or other suitable accommodations as available.

4. Host campers will ensure any meals or accommodations their guests partake in will be paid at the end of the week with the camper tuck bill.

5. Guests are reminded to please be sensitive to the activities of the camp and to participate in activities appropriately.