Summer of Work

beginning in June 2020

Every challenge opens a door for opportunity.  While we are not able to operate our summer camps, we are using this as an opportunity to invest in facility repairs. Beginning in June, we are looking for volunteers to come up to camp to do a variety of jobs and repairs that we typically don't have time to complete.
Some of the jobs we are looking at include:

Designing/engineering some projects (needed right away!)
Clean and Install Carpet tiles
 Install Dishwasher faucet
Clean/organize lodge
Clean/organize shop
Cut and clean up trees 
Basic yard cleaning
Clean and fix up the old ski boat
Repair canoes
Finish ceiling in basement
Install lodge window
Install plug in upstairs lodge dining room/electrical
Finish the stove exhaust hood?
Install gas tank
Build wood walls for camp trailer
Blow insulation in lodge attic
Refurbish Deck rails
Hut Roof - framing and tin work
Hut Siding - experience in fiber cement board
Build new deck steps to the beach

Boiler/heating repairs
Not all of these larger projects may be completed. There could be other jobs as we notice...

If you are available in June, please email us to indicate when you are available and what you are interested in.

Starting on June 26 we will be organizing this further into 4 or 5 day periods. You will be able to 'register' for one or more time periods and skills/jobs you are interested in. We encourage you to coordinate this with family/friends, as we would like people to come in groups of people they know.

You will notice the sessions will go from Friday - Monday and then Monday - Friday. The facility will be sanitized and one group will leave before the next comes onsite.

Session 1- June 26-29

Session 2- June 29-July 3

Session 3 - July 3-6 FULL

Session 4 - July 6-10

Session 5 - July 10-13

Session 6 - July 13-17

Session 7 - July 17-20 FULL

Session 8 - July 20-24 FULL

Session 9 - July 24-27

After July 28 as available on request

During our July sessions, we will be happy to coordinate basic meals and a place to stay in the upper Lodge.  These rooms are large with 2 bedrooms, each with a double size bed and upper single bunk, sitting area, bathroom with shower. 

We will need to comply with all Public Health Orders; some of these details may change, including food service. Currently the limit for the size of our groups to 30 people. We are also taking important steps to ensure the health & safety of all; This will include making sure people who attend are healthy and daily protocols are adhered to.

All adults will be required to complete our WAIVER FORM which includes understanding the risks associated with being at Oshkidee. While we will do all we can to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 we cant eliminate the risk entirely.

If you have any questions or specific skills that would be of help please email us.

Once we receive your information, we will confirm with you the times and the jobs that are available for you. While at the camp you will have freedom with your daily schedule but are under the authority of the camp director. The last evening of camp we would like to have a time of encouragement & sharing with the families. 

Please use the form below to register you (and your family) so that we can prepare for you.  


1. How much work is expected?

We will provide you with an appropriate task, or series of tasks, for you/your group to complete in you time there. We don't anticipate it would be a typical full 8 hour day of need some time to relax and have fun; on the lake, by the fire etc! But we also want you to leave with a sense of pride in a job well done. 

2. What about the kids?

We encourage kids to be involved in some age appropriate task for a short period each day. However, all kids, whether at work or at play will need adult supervision. 

3. What is the cost?

Having people onsite doing work does cost us money, as do to projects themselves. We will encourage donations to Oshkidee to help cover expenses. We will also be raising funds to help cover the cost of a few of the larger projects.

4. Can I work more than 1 session?

We do want to give multiple people the opportunity to serve. If there is available room to do 2 sessions, we will consider that, once we determine the level of interest. Our aim in organizing this is to limit the contact with numerous people.