2020 online clothing store

we are pleased to be able to partner with our friends at MOTIF to bring you exclusive 2020 Oshkidee merchandise. 
They have set up an online store for us until June 20. You will be able to select your apparel, size and color, and pay online. You can choose to pay to have it shipped to you, or you can select pick up, and around the end of June we will have pick up details for in Saskatoon. Alternately, if you are patient, we will deliver the clothing to you when we do a visitation tour this year. (in most circumstances, subject to health restrictions)

The online store works best on a computer; please look through the FAQ to make sure your order is correct. Please note that when you select your color it is determined by the text you select, not necessarily the color of the picture. There is also a size chart so you can see how its designed to fit. There are sizing options for youth and children. 

NEW this year are the ceramic mugs (15 oz) and also 'buffs' (technically called tuber-z) which can be used in many ways, including a head or face covering. 

Note that this store is set up by MOTIF and all payments go directly to them. At the end of the sales period they will send us a cheque for any 'profit' from the sales. (It may take a day for the shopping cart feature to be activated)


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