Camp Oshkidee is a Christian camp which exists for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God. Two primary functions have been embraced as a means to accomplish our goals:

- To operate an effective Family Camp program.

- To maintain a camping facility for others to use in support of their ministry goals.

Core Values:

We value...

...a God-honoring ministry. We seek to honor God in our programs, facilities, customer relations, and all other aspects of ministry. As we honor God, we believe he will honor our work by fostering Christ-centered faith in the people and ministries we serve.


...the Scriptures as God's inspired Word, his authority for all aspects of life; the core of everything we do; the tool we use to introduce children to Jesus Christ and disciple them. A primary goal of our Family Camping program is to enable staff families to minister to camper families so as to encourage authentic, life changing spiritual growth and development. More than anything, we want to see our campers experience a power-filled relationship with Jesus that cannot be denied nor diminished by the wisdom and arguments of man.


...a holistic ministry for families, because authentic Christianity touches every aspect of life. Our Family Camp program and ministry is designed to help families grow in their relationships with each other, and with God. We endeavor to create the conditions and climate which allows for growth physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.


...excellence! We strive for constant improvement in every aspect of ministry. While some aspects of our program have over time become "untouchable" and not subject to change, we continue to assess ourselves against the highest standards regarding staff and facility development.


...belonging! We recognize the importance of family members building healthy relationships with each other as well as members of other families within a community context. Camp Oshkidee is a place where a sense of belonging is felt and appreciated by ALL.


...responsible stewardship. We recognize that all we have comes from God. He is the source and owner of all gifts and resources we have. We are merely managers with the responsibility to use wisely all that we have, to bring glory to God and expand the boundaries of his kingdom.